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Jodi Krangle knows audio. She’s a long-time VO talent with a voice as smooth as melted butter, and the host of her own podcast, Audio Branding.

If our show is trying to find the intersection between podcast and broadcast, then Jodi’s has already found the crossroads between voiceover and podcast. With over 100 episodes, she’s explored every possible angle for enhancing your business through the use of audio, including podcasts.

Jodi and I discuss our love for audio, what got her into it, and the two sides of audio branding: how business owners can use it to expand their brand image, and how VO workers can use their talents to build themselves a strong brand. We also talk a bit about the impact of AI on the audio industry, of course, but this episode can mostly be summed up in one big question. What makes sound so darn special? I think you’ll find that Jodi’s answers are certainly worth hearing.

If you want to keep up with Jodi (or hire her for one of your gigs, which I would recommend), you can connect with her on her websiteFacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or YouTube.

But the real audio gold are her Clubhouse sessions which are full of audio secrets. You can connect with her on Clubhouse here

We also spoke about using Clubhouse on a desktop computer rather than your phone through an app called Clubdeck which you can access here.

You should also listen to the latest episode of her show, Audio Branding.

A transcript of this episode is available here.

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