Country megastar Jason Aldean just released song TORCHING radical left


“Try that in a small town”

from Gateway Pundit

Country Music Television (CMT) has sparked a wave of controversy by pulling Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That In A Small Town’ music video, which features scenes from Antifa-BLM riots, amidst media outrage.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that ACM Artist of the Decade, Country Music star Jason Aldean, released a new video to accompany his new single.

The song lyrics speak to the many Americans disgusted by what they see happening in our country, “Well, try that in a small town…See how far ya make it down the road…’Round here, we take care of our own…You cross that line, it won’t take long…For you to find out, I recommend you don’t…Try that in a small town…”

The video, which depicts incidents of left-wing violence, specifically against law enforcement, has been deemed by leftists as ‘violent’ and ‘hateful.’


  1. Analyzing song lyrics. Should be fun.

    In his defense Aldean said “When u grow up in a small town, it’s that unspoken rule of ‘we all have each other’s backs and we look out for each other.’ It feels like somewhere along the way, that sense of community and respect has gotten lost. Deep down, we are all ready to get back to that. I hope my new music video helps y’all know that u are not alone in feeling that way. Go check it out!”

    Not a problem. I grew up in Vancouver and moved to a small town right out of university 49 years ago. I consider myself a small town person. And nobody is condoning “sucker punching” or “carjacking” or “robbing liquor stores”. And it is understandable that when we look at violent protest, we would crave from some better way.

    But Aldean is being, at best, disingenuous with this defense.

    There is no doubt that vigilantism is being promoted here. Try that here and see what happens. Except…

    Ahmaud Arbery was jogging down the street as he often did in an area near Brunswick Georgia (pop 15000 so small town) and ended up being shot and killed. The excuse. There had been burglaries in the neighbourhood and Arbery had been seen before running in this area. Three guys took it upon themselves to chase him down which resulted in his death. Aldean is not condoning this event but the song certainly implies that people can take the law in their own hands.

    And then there are the images in the video all showing violent confrontations with BLM protesters. Try that here and see where it gets you. Ignoring the fact that Ferguson is a relatively small town (pop 18000), where something like that did happen, why were there only images of BLM protests.

    Why not images of the Jan 6 attack on the capitol. Or images of “good old boys raised up right” marching in Charlotte chanting “Jews will not replace us.”

    And of course the song had to include the trope of taking away my granddaddy’s old gun. Wasn’t Aldean on stage when 60 people were killed and hundreds injured during the Las Vegas shooting.

    Personally, I would just ignore the song and say well that guy hasn’t thought it all he way through. Sheryl Crow calling it “lame” is pretty accurate. But, having it pulled from CMT rotation is likely adding to its popularity.

    Even if we take Aldean at his word and that he was looking for a better path moving forward, this song doesn’t do that. He has just added to the divisiveness.

  2. Tell the truth and someone wants to cancel you. More worried about ESG points than standing up to the reality that’s in every large city in the country. When you turn a blind eye to signal your wokeness don’t be surprised when you get what you ask for.

  3. I don’t really understand how this is “TORCHING THE RADICAL LEFT” but okay…..I find it interesting that in the video there is a ton of footage of riots, protests, violence etc. One America’s most well known riot/protests is the January 6th march on the Capitol. I didn’t see any of that footage in the video? Washington DC isn’t a small town.

    There isn’t anything directly racist about the lyrics of the song and I think if you just heard the song you wouldn’t think much of it. I think it’s kind of crappy song and I think the overall tone is ignorant. Cities attract millions of people from all over, they share their ideas and experiences and because of this there are different perspectives and opinions then you would find in a small town. Isn’t that okay? For people to have different thoughts and idea? I just think it’s ignorant to act like being from a Small Town or a certain lifestyle is better than another.

    The video in my opinion is very uncomfortable. Looks like a bunch of lame white guys trying to look tough and no person of colour is seen. The fact there was a lynching at the site of the video probably was just a coincidence but knowing that adds to the overall uncomfortableness of it all.

    I think he should be free to sing his song and I should be free to say I think it’s a crappy song. I don’t think he should be cancelled and I don’t think he is being cancelled. A few activists and celebs offered their analysis. Debate and discussion should be allowed! Crying because somebody has a different perspective than you is sad. It’s the right wing media and echo chamber that are now proclaiming Aldean is being cancelled, they are trying to make people think everything they love is going to be taken away by liberals. Shut up! Most of the same types of people that took joy and glee in trying to cancel Anheuser Bush and now crying cause somebody told them Jason Aldean is being cancelled. Just another distraction so we all eat each other and while the elites go back to screwing all of us.

  4. Aldean is from a big city.

    He didn’t write the song.

    He had to cancel a concert last week because a round of golf in New England took too much out of him.


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