Several CTV journalists in Victoria among Bell Media’s latest job cuts

June 15, 2023
CTV Vancouver Island (Bell Media)

Several media personalities in Victoria were among Bell Media’s latest job cuts.

On June 14th, many employees of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) were laid off across the country as the company says it is going through some “organizational changes”.

Over 1,300 employees lost their jobs in the mass layoff and six radio stations were taken off air because BCE says it incurs around $40 million in annual operating losses and over $250 million in phone revenue losses.

In Victoria and on Vancouver Island specifically, all Virgin Radio and CFAX employees are safe in their jobs for the time being, but several CTV Vancouver Island employees did receive a notice of being laid off.

Notably, among CTV Vancouver Island’s layoffs was the beloved former five o’clock news anchor, Jordan Cunningham, who had been with the company for nearly 20 years.

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  1. It’s unfortunate about the layoffs and the loss of alternate voices. I’m surprised that CTV has not closed the CTV2 network. CIVI should become a satellite of CIVT Vancouver and maintain a news bureau only at the station. It could be something like the CBC Radio One model. The CTV2 network is useless. I hope that CTV Newsnet does not eventually get axed. I would not be happy to see CBC Newsnet have a monopoly.

  2. Not only did they lay off 2 anchors and the weather anchor, but the entire production staff (directors, audio ops, camera ops, etc). It explains why presentation is being done out of CTV Vancouver now.

  3. When are these so-called media ‘personalities’ going to get it. Instead of whining in self-important narcissistic tones, try educating yourself on the business of business. If you had, you knew to always have Plan B ready to go. If you don’t have Plan B, you’re either dumb, arrogant, or both.


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