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If you were ever a fan of radio, there’s a good chance you had a favourite morning show. A particular host, or group of hosts, who showed up every morning and gave you a laugh or a smile on your way to work. Unfortunately, it’s also very likely that your favourite show ended at some point. Time marches on, budgets shift, people change, and eventually the hosts you know and love will inevitably take their services elsewhere. But in this day and age, when radio is on a slow, steady decline, where do they go?

Well, in Tyler Glen’s case, it was Twitch.tv. After hosting and programming morning shows for more than 20 years, Tyler has now made the shift to live streaming his own morning show, to resounding success. Tyler works out of Brandon, Manitoba, which is a tight but unbelievably supportive market. They’ve been with him for years, after all, and fans of his new show even give him free advertising out of the goodness of their hearts. Between being his own boss, gathering a number of generous sponsors, and the support of an incredibly loving community, Tyler couldn’t be doing better.

In this episode, we get all the details of Tyler’s storied morning show career, including what prompted him to switch from public broadcasting to online live streaming, and the results of that decision (which are mostly very good). We also get quite a few more anecdotes about the incredible community that exists in Brandon, Manitoba, and honestly, his testimony is making me consider moving out there myself.

To listen in on Tyler’s morning show, drop him a follow on Twitch, and maybe subscribe if you’re feeling generous. He’s live every weekday morning from 8am-10am.

You can also connect with Tyler on LinkedInTwitter, Facebook, or on his website.

A Transcription of this episode is available here.

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