Radio Mans fave with Astrud Gilberto


The Girl from Ipanema

Astrud Gilberto was born Astrud Evangelina Weinert, the daughter of a Brazilian mother and a German father, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. She was raised in Rio de Janeiro. Her father was a language professor, and she became fluent in several languages.[3] She married João Gilberto in 1959 and had a son, João Marcelo Gilberto, who later joined her band. Astrud and João divorced in the mid-1960s.[4] She had another son from a second marriage, Gregory Lasorsa, who also played with his mother.[5][6] João Gilberto had an affair with Brazilian singer Miucha (Heloísa Maria Buarque de Hollanda), which caused the couple to separate. Later she had to a relationship with her husband’s musical collaborator, American jazz saxophone player Stan Getz while on a tortuous tour with Getz, where he was abusive, and underpaid the singer at the height of her fame until her lawyer, Allan Arrow, could get her discharged from the tour contract.[7] She emigrated to the United States in 1963 and resided in the U.S. from that time on.

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  1. Astrud Gilberto, I did not know that she had died until I followed one of your links. I remember when jazz-influenced bossa nova music reached North America in the 1960’s I enjoyed it then and I still enjoy it now. May this talented and attractive lady rest in peace.


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