Radio Mans fave with Peter Sarstedt


Where Do You Go To My Lovely

Peter Eardley Sarstedt[2] (10 December 1941 – 8 January 2017) was a British singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. He was the brother of singers Eden Kane, a teenage pop idol and Clive Sarstedt, with both of whom he also recorded and performed as The Sarstedt Brothers.

Although his music was classified as pop, it generally encompassed ballads derived from traditional folk music rather than traditional rock and roll. He was best known for writing and performing the song “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?“, which topped the UK Singles Chart in 1969. Set to a “faux European waltz tune”[2] and described as “a romantic novel in song”,[3] it won an Ivor Novello Award. The record remained Sarstedt’s biggest hit. He had one more hit single and one hit album but despite numerous releases never had chart success again.

He released the album England’s Lane in 1997, which continued the story of the fictional Marie-Clair, titled Last of the Breed, a planned third installment titled Farewell Marie-Claire did not materialise.[4]

Sarstedt continued to tour mainly in 1960s revival-type shows, until his retirement in 2010 due to ill health.[5]



  1. How do you choose your faves radioman?

    I looked at the name Peter Sarstedt and it registered zero. Then the song Where Do You Go to My Lovely registered a “maybe I know that song.” And sure enough I did. But I had definitely forgotten the lyrics (beside the chorus). What a great song about two people who grew up together in poverty but while one has made it big, the other wonders how much she has forgotten her roots and him.


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