Dave Muzik Morgan out from Cruz Saskatoon – read comments!



The Harvard restructuring continues as afternoon host at Cruz Saskatoon Dave Muzik Morgan has parted ways. Dave had been with the company for over 10 Years.


  1. Derek Allen from 95.7 Cruze in Edmonton (weekdays 10 to 2) was another casualty of this restructuring, probably more out here

  2. That’s to bad as the jock doesn’t cut it and the Music content is the same all day long no real variety. We certainly miss all the information, trivia and down to earth useless info Dave Muzic Morgan came up with which was the entertaining part of the show.
    Pretty much the only reason we listened to the station as the music is the same old all day long.

  3. I’m so sad to hear of Dave’s leaving. He was one of my favourite music-playin’ djs growing up, and right up to this last while. I hope the Harvard Group recognize what a treasure they’ve lost with Dave’s departure. .

  4. Miss Dave Morgan! One of my favorite DJs on Cruz. Don’t listen to the station much in the afternoons anymore. Just Stacey and Clayton in the am.

  5. I miss Dave also, he was perfect for radio, loved his soothing voice. I find myself switching channels cause it’s just not the same without him. Hope they realize what a treasure they let go

  6. I miss Dave ..🥲He was the Best
    I don’t listen to Cruz anymore ..not the same
    Where did he go? Retired?
    Best picks 💞🥰


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