Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap continues as a podcast


Courtesy of Gord Lansdell of NW Broadcasters.com

 Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap has come to an end on Corus Radio with the April 30 show. Following a 16-year run on CBC Radio and its subsequent cancellation in 2021, Vinyl Tap got a second life in March 2022 when it re-launched across Corus Entertainment’s Rock and Classic Hits stations, including Rock 101 CFMI-FM 101.1 Vancouver. The program will continue as a podcast.


  1. The CBC made a stupid move when it dropped Randy’s program in 2021. For many people, including myself, the only reason they listened to CBC Radio was because of Randy. Through the CBC, he was able to reach people everywhere in Canada.

    When he moved to Corus, his audience was greatly reduced. It will be further reduced when he is confined to a podcast.


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