Jim Conrad & George Garrett receive Special Recognition from their peers at RPM luncheon…


Our PSR friend Jim Goddard was at today’s RPM Luncheon with former CKNW news broadcast journalist George Garrett



Jim Goddard with legendary reporter George Garrett, getting special recognition from RPM. George taught me the secret to scoops in News is hard work and a good attitude. It’s sad kids entering broadcasting don’t have a mentor like George



  1. Should be “It’s sad SO MANY kids entering broadcasting SUCK! Too many announcers being hired in major markets are awful. CKNW and News1130 have some that I’d bet my life on who never had to hone their skills in small markets.

  2. I agree. The quality of the English being spoken on the airwaves these days is appalling. Do any of them know the correct English words for “walk-back, ramp-up, and uptick?”


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