Trudeau’s Internet Bill become Law! Plus: The Bill C-11 Compromise That Never Came, by Michael Geist








by Michael Geist 

April 27, 2023

The long legislative road of Bill C-11 comes to an end later today as nearly 2 1/2 years after the original Bill C-10 was first tabled in the House of Commons by then-Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, the Senate will vote to approve the bill. I’ve been asked repeatedly this week about what now lies ahead, but I think it is worth one more look back. I have long believed that politics invariably involves compromise as governments look to maximize the political benefit and limit the political risk from any given policy. The emphasis on compromise is why stakeholders rarely walk away entirely happy on most issues that feature a diversity of views, whether it is copyright, privacy, or Internet regulation. Yet with Bill C-11, compromise from the government never came

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and now the rest of the story….

BREAKING: Trudeau’s internet censorship bill becomes law

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  1. GQ Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault had no business doing what they did in getting this illegal bill passed as “law” and it will never stand, especially not with the court challenges expected to come against it.


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