Testimony – CBC Journalist Exposes the Massive Lies and Propaganda


by Odessa Orlewicz

April 22, 2023

The regular CBC “experts” bribed hundreds of thousands of dollars .Watch until the end. This testimony shows CBC planted a fake sign at the convoy and knowingly lied throughout the past 3.5 years at the cost of all good Canadian’s. The exposure of the CBC has finally come. Find out how CTV and other mainstream news channels also signed on to be part of a new fake news group with an actual name, so they would all tout the same lies at the same time in unison.Please sign up to volunteer at the Langley, BC location of the NCI for May 2-4. I will be there too. Sign up at nationalcitizensinquiry.caOr- Donate to their extensive costs and/or share the inquiry dates WIDELY on all of your platforms.



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