Muzzling Dissent: How the Canadian Government is Silencing Fox News


by Vedica Singh

April 7, 2023

Canada Fox News ban: Elections are around the corner in Canada, and the Federal government has sprung into action. As there is an undercurrent of concern and tension in the air, the government has started making preparations, and it is now muzzling the voice of the opposition.

To this end, we’ve witnessed how the liberal administration has suppressed dissent and every sort of opposition. The government with the view of banning all the conservative voices in the country enacted Bill C-11. The whole gimmick behind which was to reduce the amplitude of the rising voice of conservatism in Canada. First Google, then Facebook faced the brunt of Trudeau’s authoritarianism and now even the voices of banning mainstream media channels like Fox News are rising in the Canada.

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  1. Fox News might be controversial, but I would rather make up my mind about it on my own rather than having justin and his liberal apparatchiks do this for me.

  2. Hate is corrosive
    It leads to bitterness, anger and may lead to violence. Carrying hate around will eat you up from the inside.

  3. Steve makes a great point. Canada is embracing socialism warp speed. Being from the US I remember a day when government was highly scrutinized by the entertainment industry as well as journalists. I have never been or will be a fan of Trump but can believe what is happening (in both countries). We all should be worried.

  4. Tyranny is having great success with creeping control of the west
    It will happen
    Society is too rotted, arrogant, deceived and decadent to see the approaching danger


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