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X22 Report is Not available at this time, next report tomorrow, Monday April 3rd, 2023

In its place we present the following interview

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To All Funeral Directors and Embalmers Worldwide

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’
Through a lens darkly: The evolution of the global dissident nomad, by Ricky Daytona

Drag Queen Summer Camp Defines Trudeau’s Woke Socialist Revolution, by Brad Salzberg

Canada’s Ethical Epidemic, by Brian Peckford

Katie Hopkins: Who is Humza Yousaf?Get the lowdown on the guy about to head up Scotland…

Trump’s team just dropped the most badass response to Alvin Bragg’s political indictment against him – CHILLS

Capitol Police Are Withholding Thousands of hours of CCTV from Congress and J6 Political Prisoners

Why the World has Gone Mad! – Short History

President Trump Indicted; Communist Takeover Of America Now Complete

“Reported side effects following COVID-19 vaccination in Canada”.

RIP: Vancouver Radio Legend Red Robinson (1937-2023)

The Matrix Revealed: CIA News, by Jon Rappoport



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