CNN FAIL: Bill Maher Segments on Friday Nights Don’t Increase Viewer Numbers – Ratings Keep Falling

Bill Maher


The Gateway Pundit

March 19, 2023

A few months ago, CNN announced that they were going to try to boost their Friday night ratings by bringing on comedians. Their first attempt at this was to air segments of Bill Maher.

Things have not worked out as planned.

Ratings for Friday nights keep going down. As many have predicted, Bill Maher has not been able to save them.

CNN not reaping the benefits from Bill Maher’s ‘Overtime’ segments as viewership continues dwindling

CNN generated plenty of buzz when it announced it would be airing Bill Maher’s “Overtime” segments on Fridays, but did they generate viewers? Not really.

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  1. It’s rather interesting to read about the ongoing decline of CNN. Don Lemon and now Bill Maher. The news network is having difficulty maintaining viewers. CNN will telecast the Mark Twain American Humour Award presentation on March 26. This is something that would ordinarily be presented on PBS. Is this telecast an attempt to recover lost viewers?

  2. Not a big surprise, my local left has called Bill a traitor (and equates libertarians with fascists) as he’s now shining the light on the workings of tge loony left.
    Apparently, as long as attacked Trump he was great. Yup, turned on his leftist masters. I’d love to sit down and share a beer or two with the man 👍


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