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Trump Was Right Again, [DS] Lies Are Crashing Down On Them, There Is No Escape, Truth Wins – X22 Report

“Bribery, Collusion” Says Ex-Ambassador To China Regarding Election Interference, by Brad Salzberg

Los Angeles County Scrubs 1.2 Million Names from Bloated Voter Rolls Thanks to Work by Judicial Watch

INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL ISSUES CEASE & DESIST ORDER AGAINST WHO & 194 member nations carrying out genocide & crimes against humanity through fraudulent “WHO Pandemic Treaty + International Health Regulations + Codex Alimentarius”

BREAKING: CBC Building Plastered With Suspected Vaccine Injuries And Deaths

Pierre Poilievre Dividing His Own Base Over German MEP Christine Anderson?

Five people have been arrested after a clash between protests and counter-protesters over a drag queen story hour in the UK

Alberta’s Covid Panel Is Flawed, by Brian Peckford

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden Faces Texas Medical Board Over COVID Vaccine and Ivermectin

Trump: At The End Of My Next Four Years The Swamp Will Be Drained, Country Returned – X22 Report



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