How far do you have to go to find pirate radio in Yellowknife? Try Kam Lake

A street in the Kam Lake industrial area of Yellowknife. Radios in the Kam Lake area have been able to pick up an unlicensed broadcast on 106.9 FM. (Walter Strong/CBC)

The signal included rebroadcasted content on the Freedom Convoy and aired on 106.9 FM in the Kam Lake area

by Luke Carroll

CBC News

February 3, 2023

Drivers flipping through radio stations may have noticed some new content on the airwaves in some parts of Yellowknife recently.

In the Kam Lake area, as recently as Tuesday, radios were able to pick up a signal on 106.9 FM of previously broadcast material from last year’s freedom convoy protest in Ottawa.

This includes broadcasts of Tucker Carlson, Jordan Peterson, Rebel News and other, lesser known, podcasters and personalities.

Residents flagged the content first on Reddit.

No new broadcaster has been listed on the CRTC website for Yellowknife.

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  1. So, is the CBC trying to rat out the Yellowknife radio pirates to the CRTC because of the specific content said pirates are airing (i.e. conservative content from Rebel News, Tucker Carlson, etc.)?


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