CRTC Questions Corus On Recent Format Change At CFGQ 107.3 Calgary


Courtesy of Dan Sys of Canadian Radio News

February 3, 2023

Hidden away on the CRTC site we discovered this letter addressed to Corus which questions the validity of last month’s format flip at CFGQ 107.3 in Calgary. The letter states that fulltime simulcasting on AM and FM stations in the same market is forbidden and for an FM station to take on a News-Talk format a specialty licence is required, which was not done in this case. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds.



  1. It’s the nature of the radio business sadly. I have a feeling that lg 104.3 the breeze might get sold to corus and switch to cknw no matter what the crtc may say and cease and desist letter coming from them. Seems to be the easiest thing ever it seems, given the fm format change to talk in Calgary and the fact if that station changes it will be only a clone of one of the other music stations in existence. Program managers and station managers can do whatever they want at this period in time.

    • Interesting. Breeze fm vancouver maybe it will after all get sold to corus before the end of the year and do the exact same as that Calgary music station did at the beginning of this year on this coming boxing day. The cease and desist letter from the crtc corus will just clap back like they just did in that letter to the crtc about what went on in Calgary.

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