Barbara Walters, news pioneer and ‘The View’ creator, dies


Trailblazing American television journalist dies at age 93.

Barbara Walters

The Associated Press

Times Colonist

December 31, 2022

NEW YORK — Barbara Walters, the intrepid interviewer, anchor and program host who blazed the way as the first woman to become a TV news superstar during a career remarkable for its duration and variety, has died. She was 93.

ABC broke into its broadcast to announce Walters’ death on air Friday night.

“She lived her life with no regrets. She was a trailblazer not only for female journalists, but for all women,” her publicist Cindi Berger also said in a statement, adding Walters died peacefully at her New York home.

An ABC spokesperson did not have an immediate comment Friday night beyond sharing a statement from Bob Iger, the CEO of ABC parent The Walt Disney Company.



    • Yes, Theresa, we at PSR would like to know where he got that information. Shane also said or insinuated the pope has also died from the jabs, a comment psr did not publish because we believe that
      to be untrue, after all, the man, also Barbara were 93 years old. Now that is a ripe old age to leave this earth.

  1. Shane, where does it say she died from the covid vaccine? Please provide a credible source. Her publicist did NOT reveal a cause of death in a statement to the NY Times. Instead of your righteous fear-mongering, provide some FACTS.

  2. It was a joke people. Maybe you’ve noticed comments on other death stories here where people respond, “Another one! When will people wake up and realize it’s the jab”. OBVIOUSLY these people died of old age. I guess I was trying to use a little humor to point out how rediculous it is to scream “The Jab” every time somebody dies. It seemed to have worked, my comment was perceived as ridiculous as all similar comments should be. Duh

  3. Let’s just say that Fake News believes that everybody who dies and was jabbed, died due to the jab. No matter what their age, medical condition, or circumstances.


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