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How Do You Introduce Evidence Into An Investigation, Trump Hints At Military Tribunals – X22 Report

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Mass Arrests In Brazil! – Military Coup Imminent? Globalists Are Desperate To Bring In Great Reset, Josh Sigurdson

Trudeau Re-Designing Canada Into 3rd World Dominant Dictatorship, by Brad Salzberg

BREAKING BIG! Kari Lake WINS Right to Bring Election Fraud Case to Trial! – Judge DENIES Motion To Dismiss by Katie Hobbs – Trial to Proceed WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY

Tom Renz – Fauci’s Time Is Up, Election Rigging, Covid, It’s All The Same Players

Cry For Freedom

Tuesday in Broadcast History .. December 20th

Radio Mans fav Christmas tune with Nat King Cole



Hiello Puget Sound Radio Readers,

A Heads Up:

We have held off price increases as long as we possibly can for our Peak Refuel line of freeze dried meals, but we also want to be considerate of your wallet and give you a heads up whenever we can. Here is your heads up – the full Peak Refuel line will be going up in price on January 1st 2023. If you want to stock up before the prices update, now is the time.


Last call for the Grilled Chicken Sale!

The 10% off sale for our Nutristore Grilled Chicken ends tomorrow Sunday, Dec 18th!


Our Christmas store hours:

Wednesday Dec 21 – Open

Thursday Dec 22 – Open

Friday Dec 23 – Open

Saturday Dec 24 – Closed

Sunday Dec 25 – Closed

Monday Dec 26 – Closed

Tuesday Dec 27 – Open

Wednesday Dec 28 – Open

Thursday Dec 29 – Open

Friday Dec 30 – Closed

Saturday Dec 31 –Closed

Sunday Jan 1 – Closed

Monday Jan 2 – Open again as per usual

Merry Christmas and all the best of the season to you!


Briden Solutions


Peace Of Mind



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