R.I.P. Rascals drummer Dino Danelli

Dino Danelli – File Photo

He was an amazing drummer…one of the best! They really lit it up on this live performance from the Ed Sullivan Show. Mr. Danelli was 78.Check out the youtube below…

Courtesy of DrummingNewsNetwork

Early word is coming in that Dino Denelli has passed away. It was reported by bandmate, Gene Cornish on Thursday, December 15th 2022 Dino Danelli passed away at the age of 78.

Born into an Italian American family in Jersey City, New Jersey, Danelli is a jazz drummer by training. Danelli had played with Lionel Hampton and (by 1961) was playing R&B in New Orleans. He returned to New York in 1962 with a band called Ronnie Speeks & the Elrods. He also worked at times with such legendary performers as Little Willie John. Danelli met Eddie Brigati (a pickup singer on the local R&B circuit), and Felix Cavaliere (a classically trained pianist) in 1963. Later that year, Danelli and Cavaliere traveled to Las Vegas to try their luck with a casino house band. They remained there until early 1964, but then ventured back to New York City.

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