Joy Behar 80 years old Announces That She Is Leaving The View? Her contract with ABC came to a close.

Joy Behar

by Staff

December10, 2022

Critics of the view, The Daytime talk show on ABC, are rejoicing now that Joy Behar, 80, has announced the plans to hang up her hat and retire when her contract expires in 2022. Behar has been a part of the show for twenty-one seasons and has had a place in the lives of millions of Americans who tune in to get their daily dose of what’s going on in America.

Behar shared her intention to leave The View behind during an interview that she conducted with journalist Ramin Setoodeh’s book The Explosive Inside Story of The View, which will be available in paperback.

Many people love Behar, but many people hate her as well. Because her politics lean left, she has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way throughout the years – especially since President Trump was elected to office.

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  1. You cannot expect comedians to make knowledgeable and substantive comments about political events. Good riddance. The program is confrontational and vulgar.

  2. The fact that anyone, cough, cough mostly libtard women still watch THE VIEW is a sad state of affairs. Every woman on that show is sick, ignorant, and likely demented.


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