Trudeau Removes Christmas From All Government Communications, by Brad Salzberg


“After years of somehow evading scrutiny, one of the last federal programs to still bear the name ‘Christmas’ appears to have finally been purged.”– National Post.

by Brad Salzberg

December 3, 2022

“After years of somehow evading scrutiny, one of the last federal programs to still bear the name ‘Christmas’ appears to have finally been purged.”

Evading scrutiny? Sounds like mainstream media in Canada want Christmas wiped off the map as much as PM Justin Trudeau wishes for it to happen.

Now, our prime minister has done exactly that:

“Until last year, the Department of Canadian Heritage ran an annual program titled Christmas Lights Across Canada, which lit up federal sites across the Ottawa region from Dec 8 to Jan. 8.”

Ah, yes– the Canadian Department of Heritage– Argentinian import Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Heritage. Concerned Canadians know who this guy is. Working to implement the greatest impediment of freedom of speech in modern history, Mr. Rodriguez has been tasked by PM Trudeau with censoring the internet in Canada.

Ironic it is that the greatest destroyer of Canadian heritage is the Liberal Minister of Heritage. Then again, perhaps it’s not so strange– when considering that our current prime minister is in charge of decimating Canadian cultural identity in totality.

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  1. Canadians who support our long founded traditional values and they are steeped in Christian fait, along with Christians in Canada, you all better begin to take advocacy in politics and social policies for other notably backwards or non western religions and other none traditional cultures and ideals such as socialism and Marxism etc. are manipulating politics and social policies in a non traditional non Canadian values way.


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