Our friend Drex suffered a heart attack. His plans are to return to the Jack FM Morning Show in the New Year


Puget Sound Radio read the news on the Jack 96.9 Facebook page that our friend from down-under, Justin “Drex” Wilcomes was struck with a heart attack last night.

Drex, we hold you in our prayers for a quick recovery.

A message from Drex

Justin “Drex” Wilcomes
Hey friends, its Drex…
I had a heart attack last night while home alone around 6.
Right after dinner I started feeling unwell. I went to bed to try and rest but I was too much.
I was taken to hospital where I received a Stent, I had a 100% blockage.
I’ll need a second one before I leave the hospital. The 2nd on is an 80% blockage
It was scary, sobering and super messed up to experience that alone.
I doing well. I’m not sure when I’ll be back on the show.
My thanks to @coquitlam_firefighters @paramedicsofbritishcolumbia and @fraserhealth for saving my life last night. I owe you all the world.
Be well,


  1. Drex had the Astra Zeneca and talked on air about it making him sick. He had to take the next day off. Why did they stop using the AZ vax again?

  2. The Amazon river runs for thousands of miles. At some points it runs through areas of the rain forest that are almost untouched and have been barely explored. Because of the porous limestone in these areas, the river water leaks through the stone and travels deep into the earth, and forms underground pools almost a mile below the surface. Over thousands of years, small blind transparent fish have lived and evolved in these pools. These fish have never seen the sun or surface and have never been seen by the human. These fish care more about this jerk getting a heart attack than I do.

  3. I’m not sure anyone should be taking medical advice from a radio host who has ZERO medical education. Decisions are personal, and best left between doctor and patient. It appears this host, like many of us, got caught up in the hysteria surrounding Covid. More important, he did not have the skills to present his views so as to draw both sides under the tent. Ranting and raving using 4-letter admonitions of the other side simply shows a lack of talk radio skills.

    • Very good points Theresa. It looks like the vocal minority know so much that they feel the need here to give medical advice.

  4. Theresa,

    This is of course the world of social media, hi-lited with people falling inline with rather low minded celebrities and the hive mind in general. Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram etc. where people like Drex turn their minds off and do only as mind numbing celebrities , MSM’s and the hive say and they so want to VIRTUE SIGNAL to the world that they are “WITH IT!” and to be just another low or non thinking drone. 🙁

  5. While I don’t wish anyone bad will Drex is the most obnoxious, sanctimonious radio personality I have ever heard.

    The second his whiny voice comes on the station is changed.

    Do everyone a favour and chose another way to make money.

  6. Sad to see the lack of compassion here, he might not share your perspective on some topics but still deserves compassion. Not like he is the first controversial radio personality.

  7. Tough crowd.

    I do wish Drex well. Perhaps if y’all had some bivalent flowing through your bodies you’d have enough of a sense of humour to recognize the talent he has. After all, he has a job that you didn’t have the skills to get.

    Perhaps science isn’t the only thing y’all suck at.

  8. Anyone willing to go out of their way to wish people harm for making an informed, yes, informed medical decision deserves no sympathy, especially someone who is part of a community that wants inclusion. I hope he doesn’t speak for the majority of the LG community. Drex, you getting a bunch of money for kneeling to your corporate bosses? We need people to stop supporting all biased corporate or public funded media.

  9. Archer,

    Drex was not talking science with his vile attacks on freedom of choice to take the jab or not. He was preaching what is now a Covid 19/ nota-vaccine cult. THERE WAS NO SCIENCE WHAT SO EVER WITH HIS DRONE LIKE OPINION ON THE JAB!

    OBTW science is not a destination but is a process. Science is always reviewing what it knows on any scientific topic. For those who say they are the science or follow the science are ignorant to what science actually is.

    As per the Covid 19 jabs. The ‘scientists’ at these big pharma pushers admitted they never tested these jabs for efficacy against contraction or transmission of Covid 19. The reviewed scientific testing of the MRNA jabs only looked at how they limited the illness of Covid 19 and some near 2 years later now we see these MRNA jabs suck at that level of efficacy as well.

  10. Ken,

    Yes, the hypocrisy of DREX being he is a practising homosexual is amazing. He and those who are practising homosexuals like him cry for inclusion, but offer little non to others whom they disagree with. They are broken in the head and of a hive mind. They are repulsive people in their blind hypocrisy and of brow beating ideals.

    They are quick to want to cancel culture those whom they disagree with. I’m sure they in their sexual practises would not like the MAJORITY population canceling them back into the closet.


  11. Fantastic usage of the term “homosexual,” Les! I’m sure every member of the LGBTQ+ community would love to be told they’re simply “practicing” along with your suggestion of “canceling them back into the closet.” Is that so they can stand beside you?

    Remember, most of you are shitting on a young and talented broadcaster who was nearly unalived. My gut suspects denial of science isn’t the worst of your ills.

  12. Archer, did I touch a nerve?

    DREX is an average broadcaster at best, DJ or when doing so as a talkshow host. I have listened to many DJ’s and talkshow hosts over the years who DREX is not in their league. Competent, sure, OK! But more a dime of a dozen type host/DJ.

    As for the words practising homosexual, THAT IS WHAT HE IS! What is your concern? He lives with/sleeps with another man and probably has had homosexual hookups with other men in his life. Is that not the definition of a practicing homosexual?

    Look I never said anything bad about his medical condition. I wish no harm to him. I noted though that he is a hypocrite and a sick man for trashing other’s rights over their bodies concerning the jabs. It is interesting for a practicing homosexual male who obviously demands his rights to do with his body sexually anything he wants, but he has the gaul to attack others who do not want to be a experimented on with non properly approved injections.

  13. This is fascinating. A practising homosexual. Kinda like a practising lawyer: a person who is admitted to the legal profession and who holds a practising certificate entitling the person to practise that profession.

    I wonder what schools offer courses or what organizations hand out certificates entitling someone to practise homosexuality.

    What about practising heterosexuals? Does anybody ever say “I am a practising heterosexual”? I never heard that term. So why would anybody refer to somebody as a practising homosexual.

    And I think we know the answer. Some people think it is ok to be a homosexual as long as they don’t engage in sexual activity, that one remains celibate. Those people believe that a “practising homosexual” is committing a sin.

    That is not my view and I don’t think the majority of the people of Canada are thinking that way either. By using “practising” as as a descriptor you are showing a negative bias whether you intend to or not.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t discuss Drex’s position on vaccines. But his sexual orientation no matter how you spin it has nothing to do with the topic.

  14. Jokerman,

    Heterosexuality is the default norm. 95+% of the global population are heterosexual. Homosexuality is not a normal thing 3-5% of the adult population claim to be homosexual.

    I use to in my younger adult years drink the Koolaid on many things liberal/progressive. I was one of those who stated homosexuality is a born trait. I wanted to believe and fit in with many of my especially then similar age peers. For example, I too watched weekly the Showcase network’s original Queer as Folk back in the early 2000’s. It was entertaining and helped fill my established belief in homosexuality being a born into trait.

    Me falling away in those times from any Christian values I had and into mostly agnostics only made it easier to believe that homosexuality was a born into trait.

    My red pilling oh now beginning about 7-8 years ago, a red pilling on many social and political topics got me to use more of my critical thinking skills and question many of my then ingrained beliefs.

    As per homosexuality. My questions as to it being born trait only brought me to answers of that it is not. My then waining liberal/progressive mind fought my new understandings on homosexuality. But eventually it caved in as I began to see that most if not all liberal/progressive values are weak or unfounded in foundation, but often strong in verbosity and ignorance.

    Mankind was created by God to be sexual. Not just instinctive like all other living creatures, though instinct does play a part in human sexuality. Our minds by God’s wishes are designed to enjoy the sexual act. But with such pleasures God made it clear after the fall of mankind through Adam and Eve that our morality will always be threatened or undermined by the dark forces of Satan and demons.

    Sexuality, has been and can be perverted onto weak people. The only true (sexual) love by God’s design is that of a man and a woman who are appropriately attracted to each other in God’s vision. But not all heterosexual sexual relationships are built on mutual love. Lust is sinful desire that affects mankind in sexual ways. Heterosexual sex via lust is as wrong and sinful in God’s eyes as homosexual sex is via lust. Adultery is also a lustful sin. Pedophilia is a lustful sin. Bigamy and polygamy are lustful sins. Incest is a lustful sin.

    Now since God created Eve for Adam and as such woman for a man, by his design it’s only natural to accept that sexual love can only come between a man and a woman in their attractions towards each other. Homosexual relationships are not built on such love but only the lustful heart of sex outside God’s context. Any homosexual that practices such sex with another person is lying to themselves and to us if they try equate their sexual relationship to that of a man and woman in love.

    I KNOW! I KNOW! some people reading this are FREAKING OUT AT WHAT THEY READ! So be it… The truth matters and we have in modern times going on oh near 60 years now since this push began the falling to ideals that Satan, his demons and useful stooges humans have led lies on many social and political issues including that of homosexuality. It’s only one of many sexual sins that I noted above.

    Now, I do not state that homosexuality should be a crime, to make it such only sets up in failure to understand it. What two consenting adults do in their private lives (obviously this is a generality as some acts even consenting can be and should be a crime) is their business. But homosexuality among the other sexual sins noted above should not be condoned as normal nor celebrated. The choice to act in this way as an adult does have social and other consequences outside of any or not criminal. Just live your lustful lives in privacy and stop pushing it on the greater society, ALSO STOP GROOMING CHILDREN TOO!

    Marriage should never have been redefined, but society was open in allowing homosexual civil unions with similar but not all protections as per marriage between a man and a woman. But of course that was never good enough for the liberal/progressive and homosexual activists minds. Liberalism/progressivism like all leftist ideals is steeped not in logic, reason, nor facts but in emotions often irrational emotions, lies, distortions and even degeneracy. This is why the Alphabet community and its rabid virtue signalling liberal/progressive allies did not stop at civil unions and DO NOT FREELY STOP AT MOST ANYTHING SOCIALLY THEY WANT TO FIGHT? They must and will be stopped by a greater pushback as society tires of their rabid and misguided agendas and will only in time hurt those these liberal/progressive/ Marxists claim to fight for. In actuality they really don’t give much a crap about these people and their causes right or wrong, but live to first virtue signal but more to grab as much rabid power and control over the masses that they can. It’s really quite perverse and is of course all blessed by Satan himself.

    Reading my words here, myself 15-20 or so years ago would never have written such and would have then in my liberal virtue signalling ways and such at the time ARGUED AGAINST THESE WRITTEN WORDS HERE!

    I am man enough to admit that I was wrong, duped by liberal/progressives at the time, but only by me to finally so want and to ask God to open my eyes, heart and mind that I began to see more clearly. I hope for only pray that others who have also fallen for these growingly degenerate liberal/progressive/Marxist ways also to ask God for him to show them the way and change their hearts, and minds too.

    Millions of people globally who began a life of and to practise homosexuality have left this way of living and likely through asking for God’s help, they are living more the sexual ways that he intended for them and all of us. THE MANY LUSTFUL WAYS I NOTED ABOVE CAN BE HARD TO DEFEAT! I’d be liar if I said lust in its many ways has not entered my mind and affected my life, and I now see these affected me negatively, but I now see it as lust and nothing about love.

    Sit down and through your heart ask God and our Lord Jesus to help you lift any or many of the blinds in place on your eyes, to help clear your heart of sinful ways and you may begin to see a clarity that you have not had seen. YES! it’s not easy as Satan and his clan of demons and even more worrisome those other useful stooges humans that surround us always TEMPT YOU, ME, ALL OF US!

    • Can homosexuals have Christian values?
      Can heterosexuals have non-Christian values?
      What about other religions and sexual orientations?

      Maybe Drex will have something to say about this while he’s recovering.

  15. Fake News,

    People who say they are homosexual, can claim to have Christian values but their lifestyle violates these values. One can’t just pick and choose values and claim to be of said faith or other orthodoxy.

    Certainly even devout Christians struggle with sin or contemplating of sin. This is because mankind fell with Adam and Eve and as such was and is sinful by nature with free will. The Holy Bible is not just a history book but a book of values including those of Jesus Christ teachings. It is the tool box to help any of us who accept Jesus and the words/works of God to help us better navigate sin and other life’s issues.

    Heterosexuals can and millions or billions do ascribe to having ‘values’ that are not Christian. The worth or truth of these values are not as clear as Christian based values. The fact that over the millenia many secular laws/rules are of good values is because even most, at least western world secular laws/rules are built on understandings of Christian values.

    Other religions have values but often for many in truth they are misguided or are perverted as these other religions have no true facts to back up much of what they believe.

    Now since God created man with free will he understands many may choose not to follow his Commandments, ways and teachings including those of Jesus Christ and his disciples. This is why Jesus said to his disciples and others who heard the words to go out and spread the Gospels. This was in hopes to bring as many people to God through Jesus as possible and to help build a more moral human society. But since Satan the fallen angel is the underworld ruler over earth Jesus knew/knows his power of temptations over man.

    To struggle with sin is common among all, to want to and have a relationship with Jesus Christ is a tool to help us fight and overcome our struggles.

    But Satan and his demons have a hand on society. He and their use useful stooges in humans to ty to draw as many people from God as possible. If you want to see such power he has over others, just type in and follow numerous street preachers on Youtube. When they preach and talk about sin especially the sins of, homosexuality, abortion, adultery, pedophilia as well as discuss traditional male/female roles and discus the misguided ways of transgenderism, watch how unhinged or near insane many of the people in ear shot of such words get… IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

    As to other faiths, most are against homosexual activities as well, this includes the true Marxist/Communist ideology even if it’s godless.

    Islam (whom ironically the Alphabet community want or thinks it’s allied to) preaches death to homosexuals.

    Most Communist dictators, once achieving power, rounded/round up and imprisoned/imprison homosexuals. Castro for one made it that any men caught in homosexuality were to be imprisoned but made to wear makeup so that they could be easily identified by guards and other inmates, why? TO MAKE THEIR LIVES IN PRISON A LIVING HELL! Ask yourselves folks why do so many LGBT types and allies support such ideologies above?

    Because they believe the lies that Christianity and Christians are against them. But that is not true. Christianity and Christians only endeavour to have all understand sin and as such here with homosexuality instead of killing homosexuals like Islam, or imprisoning them like Communism and other ideologies /religions, Christians want to inform them and to pray for their salvation.

    • Thank goodness for Adam and Eve.
      If it was Adam and Steve, we wouldn’t be here.

      Always entertained by the “my god is right, your god is wrong” argument!

      Isn’t this thread about Drex?

  16. Fake news,

    This is the thing, there is ample historical facts supporting Jesus and Christianity unlike other religions or ideologies.

    That said, let’s say for argument The Bible, Christianity and Jesus is just a story, no facts, does it mean that if we were to live by it’s model, morals and context that we would be worse off as a society?

    Secularism, humanism, satanism, Marxism are all human based ideologies and show me where each or any of them all lead to better, healthier, stronger and more peaceful human societies?

    I ask you or anyone here, if I could prove to you without a shadow of doubt that Christianity is true, would you accept it and adopt it?

    Many, still say no. They do so out of misunderstanding and ignorance towards Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.

    As to Archer, certainly a difference of opinion…. I ask you show me where any one species in history has evolved into another?

    I’ll save you some time. You can’t and that is not me talking, not one so called expert in evolution has ever shown factual support of the claim of a species evolving into any other.

    Speciation, for sure. A poodle is as much a dog as a Husky or a German Shepard, but they all are the same species. Poodles did not evolve from cats, Huskies did not evolve from bears… Give it some thought.


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