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Diesel Fuel Shortage May Cause Food Shortages All Winter! And now we hear there’s a railroad strike!

We’ve had many a heads-up in recent days, weeks and past months of tough times ahead.  What with 98 Food Processing Plants in the U.S. and Ontario being burned to the ground, and now with Diesel fuel running out after the U.S. Thanksgiving. Truckers, who move our food and supplies depend on Diesel fuel. Without diesel, our truckers won’t be able to deliver food to our community grocers. Remember how many days it took for our grocery shelves to run out of toilet paper?
Word is, if Vancouver Island was shut off from the mainland, our grocery shelves would be empty within 3 days.
It’s time to think about being Prepared, so you can still eat…
This is very serious!!!
Briden Solutions is Canada’s Emergency & Outdoor Food Headquarters since 2009. – 1-888-817-5550
Ready Project 14 Day Emergency Food Supply
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• Square Pail with Lid (space saving, more stable in stacking)
• 28,000 total calories
• Easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, and supper included
• 55 grams of Protein per day!
Briden Solutions Emergency Food – 1-888-817-5550
Prepare Today, Eat Tomorrow


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