COMMENTARY: The Devil is in 204 Bill C-11 details


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by Monica Auer

November 13, 2022

IN JUNE 2022, the House of Commons passed Bill C-11-3, the Online Streaming Act, to amend Canada’s 1991 Broadcasting Act. The bill was then sent to the Senate for study and debate. The Senate’s Transport and Communications Committee (TRCM) began its pre-study of C-11 in early June, and has so far heard nearly 130 separate witnesses. It is unclear precisely when TRCM will submit its report and recommendations about Bill C-11 to the Senate, but the latter is expected to sit from now until Dec. 22, 2022, and to resume sitting in early 2023, perhaps as early as January 30.

Some parties, possibly hoping that C-11’s rapid enactment will quickly lead to more spending on Canadian program productions by foreign streaming companies, have been urging the Senate to pass it speedily, arguing that this bill or its issues have been studied for years. Others have acknowledged that C-11-3 will need at least a few ‘key’ amendments.

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