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Trump Caught Them All, Durham Exposed It All, The Path Is Now Set, It Must Be Done Right – X22 Report

Today’s Top Stories from

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’
California Law Will Force 70,000Truckers Off The Roads, Creating Supply Chain Chaos – Updated!

I Have Been Offered Thousands Of Dollars to Publish Ukrainian Propaganda, by Keean Bexte

Freedom Convoy’s lawyer Keith Wilson breaks down and reminds us of what the feds did!

Trudeau invoked Emergency Act to Avoid a settlement!!!

BOMBSHELL! Rob Roos ~ Pfizer Admits the Covid “Vaccines” Ability to Prevent Transmission Was Never Tested!

Protestors gather to denounce the World Health Organization ahead of Berlin health summit

Vancouver left-wing mayor loses re-election bid to law and order candidate

Everyone who was in favour of forced mRNA injections is akin to nazis

Ex-Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Trump-backed Kari Lake in Arizona

The New Jean-Claude & Jim Willie Rumble Show

80 Canadian Doctors DEAD; Health Council ADMITS Jabs 100% Ineffective! Stew Peters

Premier Smith Has the Solution to Notley’s Brand of Stalinism

New Podcast: The War in the Ukraine; How It Came to This, by Jon Rappoport





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