Coaching Personalities: The Foundation To Winning Radio, by Mike McVay

Mike McVay

by Make McVay

Radio Ink

October 17, 2022

(Mike McVay) Share with your Program Directors. The coaching of talent can make a big and immediate difference in a station’s ratings. Unfortunately, too many Program Directors either spend too little time coaching an on-air personality or they overcoach them and attempt to control every element of a show. Keep in mind that you’re not directing a movie. You’re guiding a personality as they work extemporaneously.

Coaching talent is not a short-term project. The approach has to be that it is a long-term project. You have to start by building trust as a two-way street. You need to understand who the person is that is a personality. It’s a good start to explain your coaching style to the talent and ask the personality how they like to be coached.

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  1. Hey Mike, the best (and only) coaches are those who have done it. I asked one PD to name the last 3 winning morning shows (including major market) he was actually on as a personality. Otherwise, get lost.

  2. Have to agree with Teresa. Radio ‘coaches’ and ‘consultants’ are blowhards who’ve never done it but managed to sell themselves to management. A slimy group of con men. If you’re such a good GM or PD, why do you need a consultant. Never seen one fresh idea from them in 30plus years. Oh, ya, there is one thing: try to connect with your audience by telling personal stories. Duh.

  3. Hahaha…what are the first 3 letters of the word ‘consultant.’ I’ve seen a lot of them paraded through radio stations, and not one had a fresh and compelling new idea. They just spun the old tried and true and called it new.


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