Cody Malbeuf moves to Prince George mornings at 99.3 Rewind Radio

Cody, Jen & Logan
In case you missed it this morning! Big changes coming to Rewind Mornings! I (Logan) am following my heart to Calgary to start an online business where I sell Brick & Mortar.
Jokes aside.
I’m so excited to announce that Cody Malbeuf will be taking over the reigns for the brand new REWIND MORNINGS WITH JEN & CODY. The past few months have been among the best I’ve ever had but it’s time to take my bad jokes home. The final edition of Rewind Mornings with Jen & Logan will be tomorrow and Cody will be along with us for the ride. Thanks for everything Prince George! See ya around! Xoxo

Cody’s been around…

No description available.


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