‘I was blindsided:’ Long-time news anchor Lisa LaFlamme speaks out after CTV ends contract

LaFlamme has been a journalist at CTV for 35 years and says the “business decision” by Bell Media to terminate her contract was sudden.

Toronto Star

August 15, 2022

Long-time news anchor and journalist Lisa LaFlamme is speaking out after what she called a “sudden” decision by Bell Media to end her contract with CTV National News.

“On June 29, I was informed that Bell Media made a ‘business decision’ to end my contract, bringing to a sudden close my long career with CTV News,” said LaFlamme in a video posted on social media Monday afternoon.

“Recognizing changing viewer habits, CTV recently advised LaFlamme that it had made the business decision to move its acclaimed news show, CTV NATIONAL NEWS, and the role of its Chief News Anchor in a different direction,” reads a press release from Bell Media.

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  1. Evening News is out. A rehash of the days events…we get our info instantly now, so News as we knew it is a dinosaur. Plus, Bell gets rid of a big contract. That’s showbiz folks.

  2. Everyone knows Justin Trudeau controls Canadian media (and everything else) with all the cash to cover his socialist agenda, so the business decision was CTV will loose “Justin’s business” if they don’t ditch Lisa. Like CBC 5 years ago after Peter Mansbridge left, the look of CTV will be just as dramatic. This has been in the works for while. IT REALLY IS JUST BUSINESS!

    • Thing is, all of that cash is the taxpayers’ money, so GQ Trudeau is spending money that really does not belong to him to bribe other media outlets to think, speak and act just like his beloved state media mouthpiece the CBC does.

  3. Her delivery’s always been brutal surprised she lasted this long – go into PR just like the rest of failed journalists. I stopped watching when Lloyd left because of her trucker monotone delivery – can you say voice coach?

  4. Now if they can just get rid of that annoying
    CBC creature – Suhana Meharchand. That creepy cackle and fake nasal twang – nails on a blackboard!

  5. CTV head honcho seems to have had a “wrestling match” with her over the Queens Jubilation coverage. Bean counters said no go she prevailed with stripped down coverage blocks from the main activity.
    In the end, she was a victim of the golden rule …

  6. She does a disservice to women by immediately playing the ‘victim’ card. Let’s have a look at her severance package, including I’m sure, very substantial Bell dividend cheques every couple of weeks. Then let the average Joe/Jane decide how ‘wronged’ she was.


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