John Derringer and Q107 part ways amid verbal abuse allegations


John Derringer – File Photo

Corus Entertainment made the announcement on social media Tuesday, saying the decision was effective immediately.


July 9, 2022

Corus Entertainment says former morning show host John Derringer and Q107 have “agreed to part ways,” effective immediately.

A statement released by Corus on Twitter Tuesday morning read: “This follows a 22-year tenure as host of Derringer in the Morning. Plans for the show will be forthcoming.”

The company says the independent investigation initiated after allegations brought forward by Derringer’s former colleagues “remains ongoing.”

This comes after accusations from Derringer’s former co-hosts alleging workplace harassment and claims Corus, the radio station’s owner, allowed the behaviour to remain unchecked for years.

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  1. Don’t know Mr. Derringer, never heard of him but what I do know is that if the allegations against him are true, he should have been fired for stupidity. Did he not think, even for one moment, even with alleged company complicity, that at some point his ass was toast.

  2. No big whoop for Derringer I’m sure; close to retirement and will probably go on to do an obnoxious podcast, free from management oversight, where he will continue his abusive ways…


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