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Peter Navarro – Decertification Is Possible, History Will Show The [DS] Cheated In The Election

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Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots
Deborah Birx Unmasked – I Bet You Don’t Know This About The Scarf Lady

Groupthink: we are all victims, by Robert W. Malone MD. MS

Woke Leftist Attack On Canadian Hockey Should Be The Final Straw, by Brad Salzberg

Uninformed Consent! – Covid Vaccine Lies Exposed – A Must Watch

Straight-Shooters – Gutsy is Good, by Bruce O’Hara

FOI-Health Authority (Bonnie) Knew 1.4 Years Ago Terrible Things Were Happening From C19 Vaccines

More disappearing Covid vaccine data – Add British Columbia to the governments trying to hide the reality that the mRNA jabbed make up the vast majority of Covid hospitalizations and deaths

Judge: Cpso Has No Legal Authority to Gag/Punish Docs Speaking Out on COVID-19 -Rocco Galati, Lawyer




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