Know these things about Alex Jones, by Jon Rappoport


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Know these things about Alex Jones, by Jon Rappoport


  1. This article is so silly. So people who are critical of him are “disgusting creatures”? You can’t be critical of a media personality without being a “disgusting creature”? Isn’t that the main thing that goes on here, people being critical of media and media personalities? Also, this dude lied about the murder of innocent children and only added more trauma to the lives of the victim’s parents……but yeah……those critical are the “disgusting creatures”. One-sided, nothing objective, and nothing of substance here.

  2. @ Bobby E
    the blog didn’t say critics are disgusting creatures , it said people who abuse the first amendment while simultaneously never defending it are disgusting creatures , because that’s what they are – just ask Jesus what he thinks about the fence riders – , just like those fake sandy hoax parents who’s innocent children were not murdered because nobody died in the capstone hoax event , and were so traumatized that they were laughing when they thought they weren’t on camera and having a big ol fake community picnic all day long afterwords , playing their favorite game of repeatedly walking in the entrance of a building and out the exit in a big circular conga line…………

  3. @iamli3 Alex Jones says he believes Sandy Hook was “100% real”. Do you think he is lying about that now? Not really a man of integrity if he just flip-flops and changes his mind to save his skin. Be a man and stand behind your words if that’s what you really believe. The fact you referred to the mass murder of children as “Sandy Hoax” really has exposed the content of your character.

  4. Mr. Jones is/was and always has been in it for the money. That money trail fostered by his bizarre rants, and he knew it. Only under the glare of courtroom lights and the prospect of losing his money, did he come clean. He’s a professional grifter who crossed the line and got called out.

  5. @Bobby E
    He’s right AJ is a traitor. He should have told those lying demon parents to go to hell. He kneels before them and says he believes them. He’s a coward. He had me fooled for a long time and I sent him a lot of money but I see the light. Hopefully more of his brainwashed followers will see the light. He’s controlled opposition 100%.

    sigh people never try to understand and are only full of judgment

    jones knows nobody died at sandy hoax , but being in his position of perpetually threatened lawfare when he learned what that capstone hoax event was all about he had to apply strategy to the situation , he was very transparent about all of this at the time , he tried to warn you that the enemy was going to use this to set a legal precedent of being able to sue any free speech they don’t want off broadcasting , he even brought on other guests who explained everything about how it was a capstone hoax event in detail

    but the enemy being as 2 dimensional in their thinking as they are still continued their plan to sue jones for defamation over not agreeing with the jew media , even though his official position is he does agree with it , all while saying and doing nothing about his other guests who did contradict the fake news , because doing nay lawfare to them doesn’t help their position because this isn’t just about the legality to question the lies of jews and government , it’s about the psychological conditioning to convince the rest of people they cannot do so

    and to do that they need to achieve a punitive measure against a well known idol like jones , if they did this to wolfgang halbig nobody would know who he is and therefor nobody would care if he was lawfared and people would still continue to be of the mindset that they can freely question things on their own

    all this has resulted in this fraudulent trail that went against every part of the constitution to find a single man guilty of saying something he never said , this will only further hurt the enemy’s position as people like us can show this to others not aware to continue to spread awareness of how evil the nwo is and must be fought


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