A very, very bad day for Don Percy. Really


Don came to Winnipeg on July 1, 1975. In March, 1976, he had a breakdown. On air. Don speaks openly and candidly about what was happening in his life at that time. Self-doubt. Financial pressure. Harsh criticism. Sadness. Regret. And bad, bad news. It all took a toll. Mental health is something everyone struggles with sometimes.


Today, Chris Reid and I sat down with Don Percy to swap stories and catch up on things since we last met for lunch before the pandemic.
He didn’t disappoint.
Below are links to more classic stories from the Master of the Morning, some funny and some rather serious. We hear about the IPLW lady, Manny Buzunis, radio DJs, and the Morning Mayor of Peterborough.
Don wanted me to tell you all that he greatly appreciates all your kind words, and he is sincerely touched by everyone who comments on memories of his on-air shows in Winnipeg. He loves you all.
The origin of “Doug Percy!” https://youtu.be/JlmDTjbzPd0
When radio was fun! https://youtu.be/9eOL55G573E
Don Percy for City Council! https://youtu.be/5Q1LXBgTgbo
And… when things weren’t so fun. https://youtu.be/D9iAqXnlSOo
We love ya, Doug!


  1. OMG…Don Percy, Manny Buzunis and the sports guy Barry…THE best morning show in Canada…ever! My husband’s been a radio GM across the country…and that’s his opinion too. Love ya’ Don!

  2. I worked with Don Percy at CKPR in Thunder Bay after I graduated from Confederation College. Don was my broadcasting instructor at the college and then he got me a job at the radio station where he was doing the morning show. Don became my mentor. He taught me so much about the radio business. And about comedy. Today, I am a very successful playwright. Of comedies!


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