Media Brand Canadian Flag A Symbol Of Far-Right Movement, by Brad Salzberg


by Brad Salzberg


July 2, 2022

Speaking to thousands near Parliament Hill, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau focused on the Canadian flag and its adoption by far-right groups as a symbol of anti-government rage.

“Canada has never been perfect, and it’s not perfect now,” said Trudeau.

Right– and you, more than any politician in history, have focused on Canada’s imperfections. Your purpose for doing so remains an unanswered question.

Cultural Action Party are interested to know the purpose. How does running down our country for six-plus years result in social harmony, or the healing that Mr. Trudeau incessantly speaks of. Or rather, does perpetual condemnation result in a divisiveness in society that politicians like Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh are using to their political advantage?

“Launched on June 29, 2022 an educational toolkit created by the federally supported Canadian Anti-Hate Network, jointly announced with government, calls for a politically correct culture change in schools across Canada.” 

Effectively, Liberal government-endorsed Anti-Hate Network has branded an historical Canadian flag a hate symbol. The Red Ensign served as the country’s civil ensign from 1892 to 1965 when it was replaced by today’s Maple Leaf flag

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