Calgary Eyeopener host David Gray hanging up the headphones

CBC Calgary’s David Gray

Bay St. Post

June 27, 2022

Drivers are the worst passengers, doctors make terrible patients and journalists hate to be interviewed. After nearly 12 years as the host of The Observer, I have decided to retire. Calgary EyeopenerI thought I owed all of you an explanation. Simply, it’s time.

This job is my favorite. It’s the top job for journalists in the city, and to be honest, I love this job.

Since 1983, I’ve been working as a journalist. I started with The NationalToronto was my first job. I moved to Edmonton to become a chief of the legislature bureau in Edmonton two years later. After some memorable escapades, Ralph and I returned to Toronto to take a gig as a national reporter with the now-defunct CBC. Venture.

Those were seven good years. I filed reports in Cairo, Beirut and London. On this continent, I chased corporate gamblers in Vegas, tech dreamers in New York, double-dipping doctors in New Orleans and white collar crooks in Houston (anyone else remember Enron?). It was a great gig. I lived on an airplane and told stories from every Canadian province, two of three territories, as well as getting married and starting a family.

We decided to raise our second child in Calgary. I returned home.

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