Who said That?


Puget Sound Radio’s Inbox just got a tip from Mike Harrison, with a question we shall toss out there.

From: Mike Harrison
Subject: Question

Message Body:
What DJ used “Weirded than skaditch” news?

Please respond below


  1. John Maynard or Robin Erickson?

    I have no clue who those guys are. I googled the term and found a single hit – a blog post about favourite terms her dad used. She thought it came from the John and Maynard radio show. Googled John and Maynard to get their last names. Google is amazing.

  2. Yes Robin and Maynard as I recall. They were the most entertaining team I can recall with a cast of created characters like Roy Otis and the Sherrif with the Black Hickory stick @ KISW, KXRX, KZOK.


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