Are Canadian Media being Paid To Brand The Conservative Party Racist? by Brad Salzberg


In post-modern Canada, racism is more than a social condition– it is a political weapon.

by Brad Salzberg

May 25, 2022

Some social developments should rightly be recognised as unnatural. For example,  the art of Canadian self-loathing. Who ever heard of a country which beats itself up like Canada does?

Have you heard the news? Our society is racist, bigoted, xenophobic and homophobic. We know it because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told us so. For reinforcement, add to this NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh. State-funded CBC News agree, as do all other major media organization in Canada.

It is far from the only contrived, non-organic social development in society. Another is found in media’s treatment of the Conservative Party. Those of us who can remember a Canada before pandemics and woke politics will recall a very different state-of-affairs.

In truth, the Conservatives were not always frothing-at-the-mouth white supremacists. They aren’t at present either. Not that it makes a difference for the CBC, CTV, Global News and Globe & Mail.

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