Toronto Morning Host John Derringer’s Show Placed On Hiatus Pending External Investigation Into Gender Discrimination Allegations


Courtesy of Lance Venta 

May 24, 2002

Corus Classic Rock “Q107” CILQ Toronto has placed morning host John Derringer on hiatus pending an external investigation after multiple former co-workers alleged gender discrimination against him.

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  1. Humble and Fred’s May 25th podcast makes some excellent comments about this sorry situation; time for the whole radio biz to smarten up and change, if it’s not too late. Maybe this is how radio can reinvent itself?! Cue deep male voice: “In a perfect world… Bring back experienced talent, appreciate them, pay everyone equally, and pay these golden tones what they’re worth!!”

  2. I don’t know any of the players in this story personally but I do know, that during the course of my career, from the 70s to now, every woman I worked with gave as good as she got. I also understand not everyone has the nads to stand up to bullies in the workplace, and this sounds like one of those cases.


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