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Conspiracy No More, Treason At Highest Levels, It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint – X22 Report

Today’s Top Stories from

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots

Update on Tamara Lich, by Dallon Leger

BREAKING: Kenney gets 51.4% in leadership vote, announces he will step down

Trudeau, WEF “Digital ID For Travelers” Brings Social Credit To Canada, by Brad Salzberg

Dr. David E Martin Gives Explosive Jaw Dropping Information

Spencer Fernando on authoritarianism & liberal elites on the Cory Morgan Show from Western Standard

Bill Gates, Who Is Not a Doctor or Scientist, Recommends a COVID Vax Every 6 Months – He’s a Eugenicist!

Dr. Bryan Ardis and Covenom 19 with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Canadian People’s Party leader says he’s thankful he didn’t cave in to ‘pressure’ to get COVID shots



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