Joe Rogan calls Justin Trudeau a “creepy f*cking dictator’ Slams him for his handling of Truckers Convoy


“People were friendlier, it seemed like a great system… but then, when you have a creepy f*cking dictator for a prime minister – that’s what he is. The way he behaves – the way he behaved during this thing – the disingenuous way that he communicated – it freaked me out, because I never thought that guy was like that,” said Rogan.




  1. Listen folks,

    It should not surprise anyone here at how Justin Trudeau is conducting himself. If you accept that Fidel Castro is his natural father then like father like son. If you accept Pierre Trudeau is his natural father (NOT) or step dad, Pierre was a ‘woke’ leftist anyways, a man who cohorted with Communists and was truly the first real brick in the socialistic, anti-Canada wall.


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