Fred Cole, longtime chief engineer at CKDA/CFMS passes


Courtesy of Gord Lansdell of NW Broadcasters

Fred Cole

May 10, 2022

Fred Cole, longtime chief engineer at Victoria radio stations CKDA and CFMS from 1967 to 1995, died earlier today in hospital after several months-long illness. He was 87. Cole began his career in Toronto AM radio working for legendary broadcasters Jack Kent Cooke and Ted Rogers, before coming west to work for David Armstrong.


  1. Fred was responsible for the strict night pattern when CKDA was at 1220. Then in 1986 he made the frequency switch to 1200 which eventually went dark in 1995. That night signal on 1220 though would make it all the way up to Saskatoon. Made for some great dxing. RIP Fred!


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