A Short History of The Sound Off Podcast with Matt Cundill


A Short History Of The Sound Off Podcast

We’re finally at the big 300, an episode years in the making. As it’s tradition for podcasters to do something special for milestones like this, I thought it would be the perfect time to look back on how exactly we got here: Where we started, the mistakes we’ve had to correct, the ways the show has evolved since 2016, and most importantly, the people who helped us get here, and continue to help today. And yes, of course that includes all our loyal listeners as well.

If you are a returning listener, consider this episode a heartfelt thank you note, and also an anniversary gift of sorts. You’ll hear mention of a huge number of other podcasts and podcasting resources for you to check out- or you could go back and listen to some of the old episodes we’ve recorded with these honored guests.

The list is exceptionally long, and if there’s anyone whose name was left out, I’m sincerely sorry. Please know that we deeply appreciate everyone who’s helped with the show over the years, not just those who are mentioned in this episode. With that said, here are some links to check out everyone and everything mentioned in this episode, in order of appearance:

Larry Gifford: When Life Gives You Parkinson’s




Jessica Binstock

Amanda Logan

Tara Sands

Jacobs Media

Signal Hill Insights

Amplify Media


Barrett Sports Media

Core Image Studios


Jamie’s CHR Prep Sheet

Broadcast Dialogue’s Newsletter Sign-up

Puget Sound Radio

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