The best thing about the Musk takeover, by Jon Rappoport


by Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport Substack

Elon Musk as he arrives to attend a meeting in Berlin, Germany September 18, 2020.

April 27, 2022

Dear reader, stay with this one, all the way to the end. There are punch lines.

The best thing about Elon Musk buying Twitter seems to be the hilarity. The laughs.

Watching and reading the whining and moaning and shrieking of bereft Lefties who live to censor; that’s entertainment.

It gets even better when these morons somehow associate the “former Twitter that is no more” with FREEDOM. The good old days, gone forever.

Some MSNBC goofball issued a stern warning that the new Muskovite Twitter will unleash a host of contagious thought-viruses capable of turning the world into a Police State.

I don’t know how he arrived at that conclusion, but the interesting thing is, he’s a lawyer, and he once worked for a well-known 1st Amendment lawyer.

I wonder what 1st Amendment he thought he was defending?

“And so, to summarize the case, my client is accused of committing a crime because he wants to crush dissent. But dissent is harmful and unconstitutional. Look, my client is fighting for the freedom to squash people he doesn’t like. This is exactly what our Founders fought for.”

Of course, if the new Twitter allows Trump back in, and he decides to rejoin against his better judgment, the world is over. The ensuing riots will overwhelm the Capitol Police, Viking pirates will kidnap senators and Congresspersons, and with advanced weapons systems these buccaneers will defeat the US Armed Forces.

If Alex Jones shows up on Twitter, Joe Biden himself will be forced to take up arms against infowars invaders—and the last thing any sane person wants to see is Biden with a loaded weapon in his hands. Who knows who he’ll suddenly decide needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth?

Twitter, “the public square,” can only endure in an atmosphere of propriety fostered by considered thoughtful algorithmic banning.

Good people know who troublemakers are, and can stop their trouble in its tracks.

I do that all the time. Whenever I venture out of the house, I take my tactical squad with me, and if we encounter a human who disagrees with anything I say, we a) scream at him and b) quickly spray him with sleep-gas and move on.

My guys all have extensive criminal records in a number of countries.

One of them is a retired hacker who, during his career, managed to buy several corporations without their owners discovering the fact—through sheer data manipulation. He then sold the companies back and walked away with substantial $$$. Under my instructions, he’s wired my electronic devices to automatically reject all incoming information; substituting, instead, tapes of me talking to myself.

Desperate times call for massive censorship. And rigorous defense, to keep others away.

Something as simple as wearing a large sign hanging from your neck—I’M INFECTED FOR THE FOURTH TIME—can work wonders.

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