Netflix subscribers dropping like flies as it launches new show about pregnant man




April 20, 2022

Netflix shares dropped 30% as markets opened Wednesday following its first-quarter release revealing the first subscriber decline in more than 10 years, reported the Daily Mail.

In the first few months of 2022, Netflix’s global subscriber numbers dropped by 200,000, while the company’s internal projections were expecting 2.5 million additions.

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  1. Take note any business, people (consumers) vote with their wallets.

    Get woke, Go broke is a real thing you idiot social justice /virtue signalling led companies.

    None of these woke corporations, modern business plans have and will work. I have enough education in business, marketing and sales to see how all these woke, social justice bullshit companies violate the reality of the business/consumer relationship as well as fiduciary responsibilities to investors and the business itself and will cause them to bleed money to the point of even corporate death.

    SCREW NETFLIX! I never bought into it and always saw it as a rather full of itself corporation that skates in woke virtue signalling nonsense… If you value freedom, liberty and truth in reality land stop supporting Netflix and other idiot, woke corps like it wherever you can.

  2. This is about as stupid as it gets. 57 genders and expecting men are not science but are reflective of people with bigger issues.

  3. I would suggest that the decrease in subscribers is more do to with 3 things.1) more competition, Disney, Paramount, Amazon, etc.2) everyone going back to work after covid, and 3) monthly subscription increases. Rather than any ‘Woke’ agenda.

  4. Fake News, If you go back and actually read my comment, I did not deny that netfliz had a so called “Woke” Agenda, only that there are other things that are more pressing reasons.

    • Are you a fan of the programming on ObamaFlix?

      As I posted above: “Everything woke turns to shit” – DJT
      NetFlix is an example of this.

  5. Men cannot become pregnant – period, no matter how much the “woke” SJW Left wants to pretend otherwise. Netflix completely missed the reality boat in its pandering to liberals who live in fantasyland bubbles.


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