Chuck Berry Riot at Saville Theatre Concert in 1967, by Barry Casson

Victoria, British Columbia
April 20, 2022
I was the drummer, along with David Foster on keyboard and Mike Stymast on bass, playing behind Chuck Berry on his British and French tour in 1967. The riot that broke out at our performance at the Saville Theatre made the front page of The Daily Mirror the next day. I have just recalled and presented this story hear in a video podcast that I am sure you will find fascinating.
The Chuck Berry Concert Riot at the Savile Theatre in London in the in 1967.
I’ve just completed a video telling the story of that crazy evening when 1000 rock fans tore the theatre apart and scared the hell out of all of us.
The Canadians, as we were known then, were the band behind Chuck Berry on his British and French tour. I was on drums, David Foster was on keyboards, Mike Stymast on bass and Bobby Faulds on rhythm guitar. It was one of the scariest nights I’ve ever had on stage. Click on the video below for the full story and watch till the end for a surprising finish to the story.


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