Radio Mans fave with Elvis Presley – Burning Love



“Burning Love” (1972)


Presley’s last Top 10 hit is one of his best songs from his final decade. He was deep into spangled jumpsuits and kung-fu kicks by this point, but the vocal performance is prime Elvis. His band is at its ’70s peak too. Incidentally, “Burning Love” (which made it to No. 2) was stopped from the top spot by Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-A-Ling.”

Copy courtesy of VCR

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Burning Love” is a 1972 song by Elvis Presley written by Dennis Linde, originally released by Arthur Alexander earlier in 1972. Elvis Presley had a major hit with the song, becoming his biggest hit single in the United States since “Suspicious Minds” in 1969 and his last Top 10 hit in the American Hot 100 or pop charts.

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