The Media Is The Virus: Dan Dicks Calls Out CTV News!!!


Freelance journalist Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes on CTV





    • Have you not been paying attention to the news (i.e. the news outlets that haven’t been bribed by GQ Trudeau to air/publish puff pieces about him and demonize his opponents)?

      • Did I miss something? Did he share the name and location of the secret quarantine hotel? And share the video of him and his wife being arrested by the Police? Which raises the question, who’s being put in these secret hotels? And how come only one person has ‘escaped’? Why hasn’t anybody else who’s been held in one of these said anything? Maybe Trudeau and the MSM have brainwashed all the captives into forgetting they were ever there.

        • Apparently you DID miss something because you just proved the point I was making regarding GQ Trudeau’s bribery of the media (or do you not regard Rebel News and True North as legitimate news outlets because they report the truth, which CBC, CTV, Global and Citytv refuse to do thanks to Trudeau?).


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