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[DS] System Exposed And Destroyed Piece By Piece, Booms En Route – X22 Report

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Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’

Evidence of infant-murder in the creation of the fetal cell line used for COVID vaccine testing, by Jon Rappoport

Vancouver City Hall: Where “Capitalist Lackeys” Have Handed Fast Food Corporations MILLIONS in Extra Revenues/Profits, by Harvey Oberfeld

Pfizer and FDA Knew: Breastfeeding Sheds Vaccine to Infants

Did The Death Of Billionaire Barry Sherman Prevent An Inquiry Into Trudeau’s Candidacy?, by Brad Salzberg

Was Poilievre ‘s Campaign Manager , John Baird , A Young World Economic Forum Leader? by Brian Peckford

Calgary Pastor Derek Reimer arrested while preaching on the street







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