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Watch The Water, The World Is Witnessing The Dismantling Of The New World Order

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Easton Spectator

          ‘Connecting the dots’

Justin Trudeau’s Step-By-Step Plan For A Totalitarian Canada, by Brad Salzberg

Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum

Exit From The Matrix: When the individual creates, by Jon Rappoport

GiveSendGo Founders Want Hackers of Truck Convoy Fundraiser Brought to Justice

Dr. Ryan Cole – Dr. Richard Urso Tennessee Heath Subcommittee

Our man David Gauthier was on the scene this afternoon with the Victoria Convoy2022 at the Ledge

May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'This is Robin Walker. Robin is a convicted murderer. This is Tamara Lich. Tamara did not murder or sexually assault anyone. While out on parole, he was convicted of sexual assault. Her only 'crime' was protesting Trudeau. NOW HE IS OUT ON PAROLE YET AGAIN. SOURCE Durham Radi News, March 2022 YET SHE IS BEING DENIED BAIL. SOURCE: CP24, March2 2022'


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