Ukraine and Russia: What the Media Wants You To Think



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  1. The scary thing is how many even suspicious of government conservatives I see and follow in life and on line are falling for the out and out propaganda over Russia vs Ukraine. I’m not saying Putin is some Saint. We know he is to be viewed with great suspicion but the all on board western media, social media and governments are just dialling it up to NUMBER 11, and even many intelligent conservatives and anti-globalists are almost without question accepting this overt propaganda.

    Listen Ukraine is not a true free and democratic state as being spun to us as a victim. It’s one of the most corrupted states in the western world and is filled of true Nazis, anti-Russians, globalist shills, corrupted money launderers, thieves and even human traffickers.


    The corrupted global cabal want to bring Russia to its knees and yes even though Putin is not a true good guy he defends mother Russia and is why he is still very popular inside Russia.

    Please folks do your own home work and do not just fall for all this propaganda.

    • The fact that George Soros, as well as GQ Trudeau, the Biden regime and various other corrupt liberal politicians, are supporting the fascist Ukrainian regime tells me all I need to know. The corrupt and complicit fake news liberal media is equally as guilty in this by presenting scenes taken from shoot-’em-up action video games as “news footage” of the Ukrainian conflict (and in so doing, have flushed what little credibility they had left right into the sewer the moment their deceit got exposed).


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